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Yat Sun Poon

Educational Activities

This page contains Dr. Poon’s teaching and mentoring activities. His latest education program is in the development of a series of micro-tutorials for freshman calculus.
Postdoctorial Associates
  • Lihan Wang, 2014-2017. (PhD 2014, University of California at Irvine) Symplectic Geometry.

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  • Albert J. Todd, 2011-2014. (PhD 2011, Rochester) Contact Geometry. Current Position, Assistant Professor, University of Southern Alabama.

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  • Daniele Grandini, 2008-2011. (PhD 2008, University of New Mexico, Albuqueque). Geometry with Special Holomony. Current Position: Lecturer, Virginia Commonwealth University

  • Richard Cleyton, 2003-2005. (PhD 2001, University of Southern Denmark, Odense). Geometry with G2 Holomony. 2005-2007.
  • Rafael Herrera Guzman, 2000-2002 (PhD 1998, Oxford) Geometry with Special Holomony. Current Position: Associate Professor, Centro de Investigacion en Matematicas (CIMAT), Mexico.

  • Gueo Grantcharov, 1998-2000. (1996 PhD, University of Sofia) Hermitian Geometry. Current Position: Professor, Florida International University.

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Graduate Students
  • For past graduate students, see Mathematics Genealogy Website:
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    At UCR, I often teach Math 210A, Complex Analysis

Undergraduate Education
  • Beyond classroom teaching, I am interested in producing short videos to assist students in learning to extract mathematical statements in a scientific context (i.e. to assist the students to learn to do so-called “word problems”). For some of our products, please note my project “Mirco-Tutorials in Calculus” in the following website.

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California Mathematics Projects
  • I am also interested in K-12 outreach, in particular in providing in-service training to K-12 teachers. I served as PI and Director for a California Mathematics Project at UC Riverside from 1999 to 2005. Starting in 2006, I serve as a University of California representative on the Advisory Board of the California Mathematics Projects.
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